When you select this option the calendar is automatically set to the beginning month of the date of your first campaign upload, and to the end month to the date of your last campaign upload.

Click the ‘show’ button and your statistic over the chosen time period will show up. Please note that the monthly bars can only be as accurate as the campaign data you have uploaded. If you don’t upload data on a daily basis then the monthly stats may not show the actual values.

How Does It Work?
The program takes the first and the last entry of every month and calculates the difference. Let’s say you have uploaded your first campaign data on October 2018 on the 5th and the last on the 31st, then the summary shows only these days and nothing from the 1st to the 4th.

Note: For the most accurate campaign data in this statistic you should upload your campaign file always on the first of the month and on the last day of each month.

On top of your month to month overview you will see the three boxes showing you the month of your top profit, top sales, and top ACoS. Below you will see the bar charts for:

  • Monthly impressions
  • Clicks
  • CTR
  • Sales & Ad Spending
  • ACoS
  • CPC and
  • Detailed page views (DPV)