The single campaign overview – as the name already implies – gives you a complete overview of all metrics on a single advertising campaign. To get started choose a time frame from the two calendar fields, select your ad campaign and then hit the ‘Show’ button.

Note: Once you click into one of the date fields a calendar will pop up and you can easily select a date. The calendar only allows a date selection for the time frame of your book campaign.

The first thing you will see are boxes that show you the summaries of your ad campaign over the selected time frame. You will see:

When you move your mouse cursor over the little question mark icon at the right bottom of the boxes you get a short explanation of the metric inside that box.

Note: You can choose which of the boxes you want to see on your overview in the settings menu. Check or uncheck the elements and save then save the new settings.

After the overview, you will see various charts, which will show you the exact numbers over your selected time frame. These charts are, as well as the boxes, selectable in the settings menu.

Besides the four charts, you can also add the following:

  • CPC – Cost per Click
  • ACoS – Advertising Cost of Sales
  • DPV – Detail Page View