On your dashboard, you will always see the actual data for the current month. The dashboard contains box and chart elements. There are up to 10 box elements and up to 10 chart elements to choose from.

The 10 Box Elements

Gross Profit
The number of sales minus the amount of ad spend.

The number of sales for all running campaigns.

Ad Spend
The amount of advertising you spend so far this month.

The average Cost per Click – the price you pay for a click on your ad.

The number of clicks you have received for all campaigns so far.

The number of impressions – each time your ad is shown counts as one impression.

The number of Detail page Views which is relevant if you run Product Display Ads.

Avg ACoS
The average Advertising Cost per Sales. Your total campaign spend divided by the total number of clicks the campaign generated.

The average Click Through Rate for all your campaigns.

Avg Sales/day
The average amount of sales per day. Calculated by the number of sales divided by the current number of days so far in this month.