Why I Almost Gave Up Advertising my Book on Amazon

When I started in 2017 with my first ad on Amazon I had very high expectations. I was reading a lot of articles from other authors claiming how simple and easy it was to advertise books on Amazon.

Advertising on Amazon is simple, however, making a profit on book sales is another story. So, I started out creating my first ad. I wrote the ad copy, collected a few keywords that I thought would be relevant to my readers, and decided on bidding 20 cents per keyword.

Guess what happened?

Not much – after about two days I got a few hundred impressions. A few days later another few hundred impressions more. I thought this is very cumbersome.

First realization – I may not have enough keywords. So, I was reading articles on how to collect keywords and found a few tips and tricks here and there. I was excited and thought that this was going to push my impressions high up.

Guess what happened?

A few days later I checked my impressions, and I got bored by looking at the numbers. Not much had changed – I got a few hundred impressions more, but not even one click! How could that be with millions of people looking for books on Amazon? What was I doing wrong?

Reading more articles about keywords and advertising on Amazon to the rescue. I realized that it’s maybe not the number of keywords, more like the right ones. So, I paused a few hundred keywords that got no impressions and added a few more keywords that I thought would be highly targeted to my audience.

Now, what you think happened this time?

Nothing! I hit the point where I got frustrated and terminated that ad. That was the end of the rope, and my idea about selling more of my books on Amazon died right there at that moment. It sucks!

After a month had passed I had risen from the dead and new energy emerged. I read a few more articles from successful authors claiming how well their books are selling through Amazon with the help of advertising. I learned that the right keywords are essential and bid testing is crucial to success.

So, with new gathered steam I set up a new ad with fewer, targeted keywords and this time I was bold and set the bid price to 40 cents. If I only could see ahead what was coming down the pipe.

Finally, something surprising happened…

I checked the next day, and my ad got already over a thousand impressions, but what was that click counter showing – nothing! I waited another few days, and finally, the first clicks arrived.

Not too bad, I thought – it looks like something working now.

I am jumping ahead and it’s ten days later. My ad got several thousand impressions and 18 clicks, which cost me around five dollars. I had set the sales price of my book to $7.95 and a bit more than five dollars was what I earned from one sale.

Let’s wait I said to myself and left the ad running for a month. After five weeks my spending on this campaign had reached around $21 dollar, and I had not one sale. At this point, I finally quit.

I assume many other authors at that point did tool.

Eventually, I pulled myself out of the dump, and a year later I started another attempt where I finally saw the light of the tunnel. For almost another year I focused on making advertising my books on Amazon a success.

I wished I had the knowledge and experience when I was starting. However, you don’t have to put yourself to the slump. Learn from my experience and grab yourself a copy of my book, which after one year of hard work shows you the essential tips, tricks, and tools to succeed with Amazon advertising.

I did not write about my previous advertising mistakes to discourage you. The intention is to show you what may happen when you start driving a car without making the driver license.

Fast forward another year, I am now working with the BookAdReport tool to optimize my advertising campaign and to make sure I am getting the most sales and revenue from each dollar I spend.