The dashboard, group campaign and single campaign statistic show trendlines, as well as trend indicators in all charts. The trendline in grey color shows you the overall trend for the selected time span. The trend indicator on the top right corner of each chart shows you the trend calculated in percentage. A green label indicates a positive change, and a red label indicates a negative change.

Trend Line & Indicators

Note: Trendlines in your charts start showing with a selected time frame of 30 days or more. At least 20 sales are needed for the given time frame to show trendlines and indicators in the sales and ACoS chart. Also, they only show on charts without any date gaps at the beginning or the end.

You can change these settings under preferences:

The dashboard shows trendlines when you select the calendar and choose a time frame of at least 30 days. When you select the Month to Date range you will only see trendlines, but no trend indicators. Instead of trend indicators, you will see the percentage of change compared to the date range from last month.

If you look in your dashboard on the 18th of this month, and you have data uploaded for last month period, then every chart shows you the change in percentage from the last month from the 1st to the 18th.

For example, you may see the number +23 on your impression chart with a green label. This means that in the days from the 1st of this month until the 18th of this month your campaigns have received 23% more impressions than from the 1st until the 18th in last month.