During the import of your campaign file, you may get the following message: ‘Campaign file contains data older or the same than the last imported’. If everything runs fine you should never receive such a message.

As you may know, your downloaded Amazon campaign file does not contain a date stamp. This means, that theoretical it would be possible to upload an old campaign file with a newer date stamp. This would certainly screw up your statistic, as the program relies on accumulated data.

For this reason, the program checks the last uploaded campaign file against the new one. It looks into all ‘Running’ and ‘Paused’ campaign files and calculates the sum of all campaign impressions. The new file should have a larger sum of impressions than the old one.

It happened only once since BookAdReport is online, that Amazon provided inconsistent data in the campaign files. These inconsistencies resulted in less or even zero impressions for one or even several campaigns. Also, these problems occurred over a time span of 2-3 days.

To prevent importing inconsistent (wrong) data the program gives you a warning and prevents you from importing your campaign file.