The average ACoS is your advertising cost of sales over the complete time your ad campaign runs. Every day it is new calculated – based on new sales and advertising cost.

This means – that over time – this metrics will change less and less, because there is more data accumulated. This also means, that when you change the parameters for your ad campaign e.g. keywords, your average ACoS will hardly change at all. This is a huge disadvantages when it comes to tracking any changes you are doing with your ad campaign.

If you don’t see these columns please make sure you scroll the table all the way to the right. You can also filter any columns you don’t need from the table columns selector on the top right of the table. All settings are automatically saved for you.

The real ACoS is calculated based on the time frame you select in your report. The report will only take ad cost and sales for this time frame, and calculate the ACoS. This will give you an exact number, and it is very helpful to track changes over time.

In the All Campaigns overview we use the average ACoS and the real ACoS to calculate a trend value. If the real ACoS is higher than the average ACoS than you see a green up trend indicator. If the real ACoS is less than the average ACoS you will see a red down indicator.

Tip: Move over the indicator with your mouse cursor to see the change of this value.