Go to the Settings menu and select Groups. You will see the following:

On this page, you can create, modify and delete groups. Groups are formed by selecting various campaigns under a name of your choice. It’s like a super campaign that contains other campaigns.

Create Groups

To create a new group please select your campaigns from the campaign selector.

In the step give your group a name (at least 8 characters) and after that click the create button.

Once you have at least one group created you will see an overview of your groups and the campaigns it contains at the bottom.

Modify Groups

Once you have at least one group created you can modify it by changing the included campaigns. Simply select the group name from the list.

And for the second step change the campaigns that you want to have in that group. Click on an entry to select it and click twice to de-select it. Any selected entry will show with a checkmark at the end of the campaign name.

Finish your group modification by clicking the Modify button. Your group is modified and you can see the results instantly at the list on the bottom.

Delete Groups

Select the group you want to delete from the list of groups and hit the Delete button.