Make It Click - The Amazon Advertising Guide for Self Publishing Authors

Learn How to Advertise with Amazon and Sell More Books

Amazon has become the second Trillion Dollar company right after Apple. What started – just a decade ago – as a small online bookseller, has turned into the biggest bookstore, and is now the largest e-commerce reseller. Self-publishing on Amazon has become a breeze.

Sadly, with 48 Million books listed (3.5 Million Kindle books), that also means your books will never reach your reader without advertising! Fortunately, the rapid expansion of the Internet will soon add 2 billion more people that may be able to find your book.

If they know how to look for it…

Make Amazon Book Advertising Work for You

While advertisers now pay $20 or even more for one click on Google, promoting your books on Amazon is still possible with 5-10 cents per click. Even more important, it’s a fact that people on Google search for information, and people on Amazon search for products!

This means Amazon offers the highest potential to turn book searches into book sales.

In this essential book advertising guide, you will learn every single technique on how to use Amazons book advertising service to attract more readers and sell more books.

  • How to find the best keywords in less than 15 minutes
  • Includes a 70% discount code for the best keyword research tool
  • How to write a successful, targeted ad copy
  • Five selling secrets Amazon doesn’t want you to know
  • How to optimize your campaign for maximum profit
  • How to set up Sponsored Product Ads and Product Display Ads
  • Three ad optimization techniques that instantly gets you more clicks
  • Free tools to get hundreds of relevant keywords
  • How to use GoodReads to build your keyword list
  • How to split test and find the best performing ad
  • The best program to track the success of your ads and improve performance

Sell More Books on Amazon

Advertising on Amazon with KDP is complex, and if you have no experience how it works, you will waste your money, and most likely give up soon. After reading this book you will be able to create targeted ads, track performance, make adjustments, sell more books and increase your income.

If you have a little patience, you may even make a living by doing what you love – writing books.